We amplify, educate, and advocate for the Artists of Sacramento. When artists are given the resources to thrive, so does the entire community.

Our first steps

In 2015, we began the experiment of Artists of Sacramento by creating a short feature of a local artist. Rosaura Unangst of Pigment and Parchment agreed to let us film and photograph her for a new series that hoped to amplify the works of others. The experience was liberating from our own grind as vocational artists, and that spark of passion grew over the following years into a non-profit organization that serves creatives in all across the city of Sacramento. From organizing festivals and creative summits, to attending city council meetings to keep a pulse on the creative economy, to advocating for artist’s fair treatment and support in professional environments, AoS has been nurturing the scene in every way it has found to do so. And it all started on this day. Rosaura even designed our logo during this session.