9 Sacramento Creative Orgs to Watch in 2019

List curated by: Laura Marie Anthony

9 Sacramento Creative orgs to watch in 2019 (1)

In no particular order, here are 9 Sacramento based creative organizations to watch in 2019:


Founded by Desaree Lynee Deckard, Art of the Day Sacramento features and celebrates local artists. From personal experience, I’ve noticed that Desaree has a highly observant and empathetic pulse on the city’s visual art scene. 

44471491_1855677544544836_7138018986326753280_nPhoto by: Nelson Murray

Art of the Day Sac has been wildly successful locally and abroad with fans using the the now-famous hashtag #artofthedaysac –  over 27 thousand uses so far. Woah.

Follow their social media, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #artofthedaysac for a chance to be featured!



The Lavender Library is an LGBTQ+ all-volunteer-run community library with over 12,000 titles of books, DVDs, and periodicals. They also manage a community archive that contains many original documents from Sacramento LGBT activists and other ephemera. The Lav hosts queer book clubs, support groups, open mic nights, crafternoons, and most importantly, everyone is enthusiastically welcomed!

In 2018, the library collaborated with the Gender Health Center and the California Endowment to unveil a powerful mural of the late Chyna Gibson, by Jessica Sabogal and Shanna Strauss, on International Day of Trans Visibility, reminding us that #BlackTransLivesMatter.

Follow and support this wonderful organization:



Founded by the amazing Estella Sanchez, (who just received a SXSW Community Service Award!!) Sol Collective has been an invaluable resource to our city since 2005.

This organization is a community-based partnership whose mission is to provide artistic, cultural, and educational programming, promote social justice, and empower youth of color, marginalized, and underserved communities through art, activism, music, and media.

We’re excited to hear Sol Collective once again attended SXSW with a stellar lineup, bringing local talent abroad such as Spacewalker, The Philharmonik and many more.

Recently, Sol Collective launched the #SchoolsNotPrisons DIY Grant, and awarded California artists, media makers, youth, activists, educators, and organizations as they highlighted the many ways our systems of punishment harm communities, particularly communities of color.

The list of ways to get involved at Sol are numerous. With interactive workshops such as #SacActivistSchool or events like “Plugged” Open Mic/Open Jam, you’re guaranteed an amazing time. Many activities are geared for all ages, so we highly encourage you to follow their work:



ZFG COVERZFG Promotions, which partners with Sol Collective often, has a creative focus on intersectionality, accessibility and activism.

Zero Forbidden Goals has enriched the local scene and abroad with the popularization of guerrilla pop-ups, advocating for busking law reform, and overall providing a platform of creative growth.
18766537_1481995785178633_9027550811651488534_oMy personal favorite ZFG event has to be Drunk Poetry, which is pretty self explanatory, so make sure you follow them to get involved with a very fun, empathetic, and influential group of souls:


5. 916 INK

As many in the area may know, 916 Ink is Sacramento’s arts-based creative writing nonprofit that provides workshops for Sacramento area youth, grades 3-12, in order to transform them into confident writers and published authors. 

Since 2010, they’ve transformed over 3000 young people in the greater Sacramento region into published authors. 916 ink has also published over 100 professional anthologies of student work. And perhaps most notably, they also seek to serve at-risk or vulnerable youth including those in foster care, those who are experiencing homelessness, or those who are involved in the juvenile justice system.


To learn more about their cause and ways to support, please follow them on social media and visit their official site.



Located in the heart of downtown Sacramento, The Creation District is a safe haven and hub of creativity offering dynamic classes in a wide range of arts to youth and young adults experiencing homelessness and economic instability. The Creation District believes that community connections are paramount in helping youth permanently overcome homelessness.

They recently introduced its new roving, pop-up studio program. Based out of a newly remodeled moving van, Street ARTreach delivers a fully stocked pop-up art and music studio to scattered sites around the Sacramento region to increase artistic accessibility to youth experiencing homelessness and income inequality.

To get support or to support the cause, you know the drill:




I’ve been personally enchanted with this organization for quite a while now! With the overall goal to “Work together. Learn together. Rise together.” Empire Arts Collective is a warm and welcoming place for artists and art fans alike. Many events and activities are geared toward those of all experience ranges and abilities. 

They’ve live-streamed educational workshops pertaining to the entertainment industry, hosted sing-alongs to some of the most popular musicals like Hamilton or Wicked, they just sold out a run of Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical called “Once More With Feeling” and they’re about to fire up a series called “Pop Choir,” which invites people of all ability levels to participate in a choir concert. With renditions of “Smelly Cat” or songs from “Crazy Ex Girlfriend” – you’re bound to crack a smile or burst into song yourself. 

Snag your tickets here before they sell out:
POP CHOIR / https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/4101811

Oh! And of course, follow Empire on social media to keep track of their numerous fun events, like the Open Mic at Oblivion Comics!




If you’ve frequented Second Saturdays or many other art events around town, you might have noticed this booth:
55576271_1127188624108606_3853238993462231040_nWhat is Art Advice? Well, if you have time, I urge you to follow this podcast link to glean some invaluable tips on creative process, and to gain an understanding of their mission on a much deeper level. But in a nutshell, Art Advice is simply a place you can go to get free, no judgment advice on art or artistry!

The co-founders Ianna and Gioia sensed a need, after seeing a hunger for guidance from many artists who compose our creative community. Some who come for advice are novices, and others are seasoned creatives.


I am personally looking forward to seeing them at Crocker Art Mix on May 9, so make sure to follow their social media to keep in the loop on that event, and other rad places they’ll be popping up!




Every time I hear about Library of MusicLandria, it’s followed by words of delight and inspiration. This organization is dedicated to breaking down the barriers to musical exploration, and is pretty much every music enthusiast’s dream. You can literally check out musical instruments from their library! They have everything, and I heard a rumor (from their social media) that they’re taking recording sessions and offering rehearsal space, too.

Musiclandria has a strong desire to change the way people access music. They value musical exploration as a way to heal, build a strong sense of community togetherness, promote personal growth, increasing the quality of life in foster youth, and all members of the community for that matter.


For instance, a lovely gentleman who experiences dementia on a daily basis and is normally disengaged, recently saw an accordion at their Instrument Petting Zoo and lit up with a huge smile, picked it up and went to town playing it with grace and ease!

For even more context on the significance of musical healing, here’s an excerpt of Musiclandria founder Buddy Hale’s story:

“When I was growing up, my father battled with dementia, I went through the foster system and ultimately became an emancipated minor. I really struggled with isolation, a lack of personal identity, and had no helping hand to show me how to navigate the world. My life would have been very different if I had access to musical instruments and resources earlier. Musical exploration helped me define who I am in this world. It allowed me to identify my interests and passions and ultimately helped me create family-like bonds with a community of other music enthusiasts. Now that I’m in a place where I can create a resource that I wish existed when I was growing up, I can be the change I wish to see in the world. I can create a resource that provides opportunities for youth that didn’t exist when I was young, which is very rewarding”

If you know someone who would benefit from a visit at The Library of Musiclandria, or if you’d like to support them, do yourself a favor and check out more at the links below:


Letter from the Editor

Dear Sacramento Creatives,

I consider myself married to this city, and more importantly decided a while ago that I would spend the rest of my life serving Sac’s creative scene. With the invaluable help of some amazing people, we’ve grown from a simple portrait feature series into an advocacy and industry education resource catered to local creatives and art fans alike. We focus a considerable amount of our efforts on uplifting underserved communities and fostering an environment of inclusivity.

While there are many avenues of education available for the creative industry, not all are easily accessible or applicable to all demographics and incomes. We also focus our efforts on helping artists navigate Sacramento’s specific social and economic climate, while equipping those launching from Sacramento and into the world market.

I’m personally so honored by the minds that have come together to bring you such useful content. So without further adieu, I look forward to the city’s feedback and growth together as Artists of Sacramento.


Laura Marie Anthony
Exec. Dir., Founder, Editor