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We amplify, educate, and advocate for the Artists of Sacramento.
When creatives are given the resources to thrive, so does the entire community.

Artists of Sacramento was born in August of 2015 out of a passion project started by Laura Marie Anthony, now founder of AoS.

What first began as a portrait and interview series as a form of platform elevation for local talent, Artists of Sac has become an organization that amplifies, educates, and advocates for our creative community. 

Currently, Artists of Sacramento has been involved curating or participating in several local art events from festivals to gallery showings. Recently, we have been developing #AOSTV, a web series that provides additional exposure, education and amplification for the city’s great talent.

The future of AoS will bring forth potential outreach programs, and generally an evolution of advocacy and servitude to the city’s creatives. Stay tuned as always to watch us grow with Sacramento.

The Artists of Sac Team